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Once you complete the Inquiry Form, our Senior team will contact you to discuss our program, and answer any questions you may have.

Meet With Us

We will arrange a meeting with you to discuss your child’s strengths and needs and how you hope ELEVATE can support your child.

Application Review

Our admissions team will review your child’s psychoeducational assessment (if available), individual education plan, and student reports to determine if they believe ELEVATE will be a good fit for your child.

Trial Days

Prospective students are welcome to attend ELEVATE for 3 consecutive days. After trial days, you and the Senior Team discuss any feedback.

Admission Cost

Term 1 (20 weeks)


Term 2 (20 weeks)


Annual Cost (40 weeks)


$1,000 deposit required on registration

Communication has been great at Elevate! Because of the smaller nature of the class size, it’s been a very personal experience where you get to know the teachers and you have a chance for a brief chat every day at drop off or pickup. You can email or text any concerns anytime and have a quick response and action. If your child is having a rough day, it will be handled appropriately and in the best interest of your child’s mental health and overall well-being. They clearly deal with issues and problems well because they rarely come up in discussions with my son. It’s especially impressive considering the strong personalities that come along with learning disorders.

Elevate Parent