Our Approach

At ELEVATE, each student has unique strengths & needs.

Even before your child arrives at ELEVATE, during our one-on-one intake process, our teaching staff will talk to you, and review any existing educational documentation, to understand your child’s passions, strengths, and challenges.

We will see how your child learns in action during our trial days, and we will conduct informal assessments to help identify gaps in learning or skills. This helps ensure that when your child joins ELEVATE, we already have some understanding of who they are as learners and how to effectively help them succeed.

What We Offer

Authentic Education

Imagine your child is motivated to learn, not just for marks, but for the love of learning. Authentic learning ignites student interest and joy in learning by connecting what is taught in the classroom to real-world issues, problems, and applications. “Learn by doing” is the core of the ELEVATE as students practice foundational skills, whether they are engaging in authentic activities similar to a scientist, an artist, an engineer, or a writer. Future-ready skills such as problem-solving, critical thinking, teamwork, observation, asking questions, and note-taking are consistently reinforced during authentic learning.

  • $Learning tasks are of interest to the students
  • $Exploration and inquiry are at the center of learning
  • $ Knowledge is extended beyond the confines of the classroom
  • $Students are supported at every stage of learning

Inquiry-Based Learning

Inquiry-based learning reinforces the authentic learning experience because students are encouraged to have a voice in selecting what they want to learn more about, rather than the teacher telling the student what they will be learning. Inquiry-based learned starts with an essential question to guide teachers and students in learning. The learning process is strengthened by asking questions, and understanding goes deeper. Then, students, either working in groups or individually, investigate their questions using technology or authentic experiences.

Sometimes, one question will lead to another question, and such exploration is encouraged at ELEVATE because it inspires our students to develop deep understandings in their learning journey. Inquiry-based learning not only motivates students but also assists the teacher in planning and creating the next steps in learning.



Social-Emotional Learning

Executive Functioning