Executive Functioning

Executive Functioning (EF) is closely related to Working Memory, Cognitive Flexibility, and Inhibitory Control. It is part of a student’s ability to retain and organize information and includes time management, prioritization, task initiation and completion, perspective-taking, and emotional regulation. These skills are essential both in the classroom and beyond. However, for many students with Learning Disabilities/ADHD, EF can be very difficult, and they will frequently struggle in one or more areas.

Approaches at ELEVATE

Colour Coding



Goal Setting

And Many More!

Executive-Functioning is embedded in everything that we do at ELEVATE. Students organize their work and materials in a way that is understandable and easy for them to access. Students learn the strategies that work best for them.

As a part of each student’s success plan, we include goals and next steps. These goals are communicated to students to give them the motivation to learn and meet those targets. Students are encouraged to continuously check in on their progress. In this way, students are motivated to work towards goals that matter to them.



Social-Emotional Learning

Executive Functioning