Social-Emotional Learning

At ELEVATE, we recognize that many of our students have challenges with understanding social interactions. We also know that meeting the social and emotional needs of a child is just as important as meeting their academic needs and is vital to helping them achieve success and maintain their well-being.

Approach at ELEVATE

Social-emotional learning (SEL) approach at ELEVATE refers to the skills, behaviours, and strategies that children can use to enhance their self-awareness, self-regulation, and interpersonal skills that are crucial for their academic and life success. Some of the programs we incorporate in our curriculum include:

Michelle Garcia Winner’s Social Thinking

The PEERS Curriculum

Zones of Regulation by Maria Garcia Winner

In our SEL program, we focus on developing social-emotional skills and building on themes of self-awareness, friendship, respect, open-mindedness, and community. Students are explicitly taught the ‘hidden rules’ of social interactions and self-regulation tools and strategies using curricula such as Maria Garcia-Winner’s Social Thinking and Zones of Regulation. Students are also encouraged and supported to work through any social and emotional challenges that arise throughout the day by caring staff who see each interaction as a learning opportunity.



Social-Emotional Learning

Executive Functioning