Our Parent Testimonial Page is a dedicated space where we celebrate and showcase the voices of our remarkable parents. Here, you will find heartfelt testimonials, stories, and reflections from the very individuals who entrust us with their children’s education. These testimonials are a testament to the strength of our partnership and the positive impact we make on the lives of our students.

What our parents have to say:


I love the ability to participate in some of the field trips when parents and siblings can. The school makes every effort to connect families to encourage friendships and playdates outside of school. The school has helped other parents connect through a fundraiser night in a more relaxed and social environment. The school has been very encouraging of my son and his classmates when they have done fundraisers for various things and has welcomed the parents into the classroom while the students talk about their achievements with fundraising. I’m not sure how much more parents would want involvement in the classroom – I’m sure I’m not alone in feeling like I’ve exhausted myself in trying to help my son with his learning challenges and being able to drop him off at school and know he’s learning is a huge weight off my shoulders. I NEED the ability to step back and catch my breath after years and years of trying everything around the clock to figure out how to help him. Handing him over to talented people who know what to do is a gift beyond description.

Elevate Parent


The teachers at Elevate are all very experienced. Most have many years in the public system and have also been resource/special education teachers. This gives them skills in dealing with diverse learners often not abundant in the public system. In addition to these certified, experienced teachers, Elevate utilizes teachers in training from local college programs which only adds to the low student/teacher ratio environment already provided. When I have had meetings about my child, the teacher that spends the most time with him will come into the meeting to share her first-hand account of what she sees/experiences. I find all teachers there are kind and patient with the right amount of boundary setting and structure that aims to get the most out of the students. They keep the students on task (which with this group is no easy feat!) and provide appropriate challenges and leadership for them.

Elevate Parent


Elevate Learning Centre’s exceptional team, led by Ms. Julie, is committed to fostering a nurturing environment for students with learning disabilities. Skilled teachers employ innovative, adaptive methods to make learning accessible and engaging. Ms. Julie’s warm demeanour, attentiveness, and expertise inspire hope and reassurance in students and their families. Her commitment to student success is evident in her continuous efforts to enhance the learning environment and resources. The leadership, teachers, and particularly Ms. Julie at Elevate create a thriving and supportive community, exemplifying the gold standard in specialized education.

Elevate Parent


The school is in a great location being at the entrance to a park with a playground and a lot of space for kids to run around and play. There are lots of trees and nature to give them a break. The windows are huge and give them a nice break to look out as well. The library is within walking distance from the school, and they take the public bus to the food bank and swimming which is another helpful life skill.

Elevate Parent




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